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Self-Compassion Goes Well with Cookies and Ice Cream

This is an extract from my book, The Dessert Diet Club, which I wrote to help people reach a point of food freedom and ditch the boring diets. An important part of being a member of The Dessert Diet Club is not judging yourself for your food choices and to practice self-compassion. If you like this extract, I highly recommend you check out the book on Amazon!

Growing up, I watched a lot of weight-loss shows, and when the contestants would cheat on their diets, the trainers would get very disappointed, often get mad at contestants, and even act as if it was the end of the world. Sometimes they were nice and reminded the contestants that they could just start over again and continue to keep moving towards their dreams. Sometimes, the diet offenders were being punished for succumbing to temptation.

This always made me feel very guilty and ashamed for also being the kind of person who does not eat perfectly all the time.

Why this need for perfection? Perfection isn’t possible. If a friend or family member you love deeply ate a slice of cake and then started beating themselves up, would you tell them that they royally messed up and should feel really bad about themselves, or rather tell them that a slice of cake is nothing worth crying over and that they should not feel too bad because they will bounce back quickly?

How would you feel knowing that a loved one spoke to themselves the way you speak to yourself at times?

If I hosted a fat-loss show, I would first discuss diet with the participants during a high-tea with an array of delicious, but healthy desserts and sweets, so that they can be introduced to the good life and start to look forward to the journey ahead. Ooh, and this way, they can already taste which healthy desserts they like the most and will want to have.

Also, if contestants overdo it and end up not losing fat, I won’t be mad at them. I will go on a long walk with them to help them burn off some of the excess glucose, and we can talk about what they learned about themselves that will help them get closer to the ideal diet for them. Perhaps afterwards, we could make some low-calorie desserts together for the days to come when they are bouncing back from the “damage”.

My show, my rules!

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