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My Name is Joané, And I Am An Overeater

My Name is Joané, And I Am An Overeater

Even if you eat healthily most of the time, if you eat too much, and your calorie intake is too high, you can gain weight.

Since I was ten years old, I have been actively trying to control my overeating habits. Before then, I just ate freely and did not have the self-awareness to know that what I was doing was making me gain weight and, therefore, “unacceptable” in society’s eyes at that point in my life. 

I am a full-blown food addict. I may not be overweight, but that is only because I have managed to balance out my overeating by at least adopting an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

When I started researching weight loss and health at ten years old, I also fell in love with health and wellness at the same time. You could pretty much say that I have dedicated my life to health, food, and the people I love. 

I tried to stop overeating completely for years but then decided to try a different approach. Instead of fighting against my food addiction, I would work with it and allow myself to eat as much as I wanted, but while still losing fat. 

How? I am lucky in the sense that my addiction is not to junk food, but just to food, and I mostly overeat or binge on healthy food anyway, which helps. As long as there is something healthy and sweet available to eat after a meal, I am happy.

Intermittent fasting has helped a lot, as well as going down to two to three meals a day. That way, I can have bigger meals when eating, therefore satiating my desire to eat a lot, and there are fewer opportunities in a day to overeat. Reducing meal frequency is one of the best things I can recommend you try if you overeat.