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Is Your Diet Making You Unhappy? You Can Be Healthy and Enjoy Your Life

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My mission with The Dessert Diet Club is to show people that following a healthy diet can be delicious and fun. To show people that you can live the good life while becoming the best version of yourself. The best you is a happy you. The best you is a healthy you. The best you is the version of you that enjoys life and is leading the life that you want.

The Dark Side of Growing Up

Life is precious, we all know that, and yet we spend so much time worrying about things that do not matter and focussing on things we will not even care about five years from now. We stay in jobs that we hate and just accept that such is life, and live the same day over and over again. 

As we grow up, we stop doing things we loved doing as kids, such as playing games, dancing, and just having fun. And I mean really have fun. Have you ever been at a dinner party or social event and spent half the night thinking about stress-inducing things like your to-do list for the next day, week, year, and/or decade?

When attending social events, do you often compare yourself to others and leave the party feeling bad about yourself? 

Are your dinner and fireplace conversations centred around serious subjects, such as mortgages, being broke as duck, personal problems, climate change, or how annoying millennials are?

Do You Need to Have More Fun and Unleash Your Inner Kid a Bit More? 

I think it is very important to make fun a priority in your life and to not only focus on things like work and your health and fitness routine but also on doing things you enjoy and spending time with people you love. Having healthy and close relationships and an active social life have even been associated with longevity, so if you are trying to improve your health, but you are neglecting social situations, you are missing out. 

Laugh like a kid again. Smiling and laughing are also very beneficial for your health and mental state. Watch movies that are silly and fun, instead of just watching documentaries, listening to serious podcasts, or worse, watching the news every day. 

Living an Indulgent Life and Eating Foods You Love

While I do not advocate a “life is short, so I will eat junk food every day if I want to” mentality, I do believe that it is important that you do not follow diets you hate, force yourself to eat foods you do not like, or spend hours and hours doing workouts you do not enjoy and avoiding social situations because you need to go to the gym. 

From a diet and health perspective, I feel that life is far too short for a boring diet. There are a lot of foods that all contain the same nutrients. If you want to eat more magnesium, you do not have to eat a lot of leafy greens (watch out for oxalates!), but you can eat more nuts and dark chocolate instead. They are great sources of magnesium, and you can use them to make dessert! (If you need recipe ideas, check out The Dessert Diet Club).

You do not have to give up dessert when trying to become healthy. Just pick healthy desserts that you will love. Enjoying food does not have to mean you are making an unhealthy choice. Being healthy does not mean you cannot enjoy your food.

You can have your cake and eat it if you choose a cake made with ingredients that will actually benefit your body. 

You get the idea. Chase your dreams and pursue your goals when it comes to your health and career, but remember to have fun along the way and do it in a way that you enjoy.