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How Journaling Can Help You Find Your Ideal Diet And Lifestyle

Journalling for diet and lifestyle

Journaling has become a very important part of my life. I do it almost every morning and actually just started doing it without really thinking about it a few months ago. Usually I try to be quite intentional when establishing new habits, but I started journaling while trying to achieve a few other goals to help me become more clear about what I needed to do, what I really wanted, etc. 

I also started because I was feeling overwhelmed and I had so many thoughts going on in my mind that I wanted to put them down on paper to reduce some of the mental pressure. 

While journaling the other day, I realised that I had been journaling almost every day for the past 6 months. It’s weird, but starting a journaling practice used to be a goal of mine, and I always thought that it was something I would try and establish as a habit one day. I tried a few years ago, but struggled and put the goal on hold, but then I ended up just doing it automatically. 

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from journaling. But what exactly do you write down when journaling? Whatever you want! 

Normally, I start by writing down five things that I am grateful for, followed by three things I have accomplished, ten goals I am working towards, and what I want to do that day. 

Some days, I will just start writing down ideas and what I am thinking. Putting my thoughts on paper has been a very powerful thing for me and it helps me feel calm in the moment. It reduces overwhelm and helps me rationalise my thoughts, feelings, and desires. 

Establishing a mindfulness practice is also something that I think is very important, partly because it helps you stay more focused. Meditating for longer than 5 minutes is not super easy, but journaling has been an easy way for me to start learning how to be more mindful and intentional. 

You can write down whatever you want in your journal. Try it for a few days or weeks and see how it impacts your life.

In terms of improving your health, journaling can help you figure out what diet and lifestyle practices work best for you if you document what you are eating, experiencing, and feeling. Perhaps there are patterns you haven’t identified yet when it comes to your food and fitness, and perhaps journaling can help you figure out some of the psychological aspects around food and your lifestyle. 

Journaling can help you identify what type of diet you enjoy and what healthy habits have a positive impact on your body and your health. 

This practice is one of the best ways that you can motivate yourself every day and it just might change your life.