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Eat Your Dessert and Do It Mindfully

Eat Your Dessert and Do It Mindfully

If you are going to eat dessert, get the most out of the experience by doing it mindfully. Here is an excerpt from my book The Dessert Diet Club called: “Eat Your Dessert and Do It Mindfully”

As soon as I have finished breakfast or any meal for that matter, I usually start thinking
straightaway about when I can eat again. All Ed keeps saying is “more, more, more.”
Sometimes, I really have to say: “Shut up Ed!”

If you are living from meal to meal and start thinking about what you can eat next, it can be
difficult, but you need to find a way to get yourself to snap out of your food frenzy and think
about something else.

Perhaps pick something (or a few things) you find pleasurable that you can do after eating that
will also make you feel good, but does not involve you eating more. It could be going for a
walk, taking a warm bath, meditating, etc.

Try mindful eating as well. Mindfulness, which is focused awareness, is probably one of the
most important practices you can adopt. When not eating, being mindful will help you focus
on the tasks at hand and think less about when you can have your next meal, what you want to
eat, and how much you want to eat.

During mealtimes, it can help you feel more satisfied and reduce the urge to eat more.
Satisfaction is key. Mindful eating is basically just slowing down while eating, really focusing on
your food, and avoiding distractions while eating like in front of the TV or eating while
working. Instead of zoning out while eating, zen out and focus on your food.

Instead of sitting behind your computer to eat or in front of the TV, make it a mealtime by
sitting down to eat and really focusing on the way the food smells, feels, and tastes. Take the
time to enjoy it fully. When we eat too quickly and mindlessly, we usually do not enjoy our
food as much as we could.

If you really struggle, you could go the extreme route and blindfold yourself while eating, so
that you really have to focus on your food. I have found that mindful eating meditation also
works as training for mindful eating.

Eating chocolate or your dessert of choice can be a form of meditation.
You can find a guided meditation for mindful eating on my website by going to