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Eat dessert every day

You can definitely eat dessert every day, but it depends on the dessert you choose and your individual goals. If you are not interested in improving your health at all, and you are an adult who is old enough to make their own decisions, then you can eat dessert every day, but if your question is: “Can I eat dessert every day and be healthy?” or “Can I eat dessert every day and lose weight?”, then the answer is still: yes. 

However, you will need to choose your desserts wisely. Yes, you can still eat a few sugary desserts every week and reach your weight-loss goals, but it will be better if you chose healthy desserts most of the time. 

But how do you know if a dessert is healthy? Find low-processed desserts that are free of inflammatory ingredients, such as gluten, trans fats/hydrogenated fats, processed sugar, and hopefully soy. 

It might seem impossible, but there are a lot of healthy dessert recipes available nowadays, as well as low-sugar and low-carb treats that you can buy online and in health-food stores. You can even find healthier alternatives in some supermarkets nowadays, whether you are keto, plant-based, paleo, etc.