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one day at a time

I have a problem where I set about 20 goals for myself each day, and then I typically go to bed feeling like a failure. I used to think that I was just addicted to food, but one of the hardest addictions to break has been setting goals. Whenever I watch a video or read an article where people talk about health and wellness, I want to commit to almost everything that they suggest I do.

This makes me feel overwhelmed every day. I realised that this was one of my problems a few months ago, and I have been trying to simplify my life and simplify my health and fitness approach ever since. It has taken months and I am still simplifying.

The goal is to focus on taking things one day at a time, but when your head is stuck in the future half the time, it can become hard. I like the idea of limiting yourself to only three goals at a time in order to reduce overwhelm and avoid burnout. Trying to stick to only a few goals is proving to be difficult, as I start to panic a little about all the things I am not doing. But as I am sitting here feeling quite exhausted, I have realised once again that focussing on too man things at once when it comes to my health just leads to me feeling bad about myself for not doing it all and also feeling burnt out.

I am going to delete some more stuff from my goal list and to-do list now. The most important things I need to focus on now are reducing stress, reducing inflammation, and not binge eating. That is all.