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About Me

Hi, I’m Joané and I eat dessert every day. I am a health nerd and writer with a big sweet tooth and a passion for food. I follow a healthy diet, but I am still an overeater and tend to lose control around food sometimes.

I eat in secret at times, buy food impulsively, often eat two days’ worth of food in one, and buy people chocolates as gifts but then end up eating them and having to buy more.

My love of health and wellness has always been counteracted with my love of food and my binge-eating habits. That is why even though the foods I eat are healthy and I exercise fairly regularly, I am still a little doughy.

I used to obsess over becoming as lean as possible and getting a flat stomach, but I’ve learned that those things do not matter. My goal is just to become as healthy as I possibly can while still eating healthy, but indulgent desserts.

About The Dessert Diet Club

The Dessert Diet Club is an indulgent guide to food freedom. We eat healthy desserts every day and we refuse to settle for boring diets.

I started making healthy desserts when I was a kid and they have been an important part of my life ever since. Stubbornness is mostly what led to the creation of The Dessert Diet Club, because I wanted to be healthy and I did not want to eat processed sugar and inflammatory ingredients like gluten or trans fats, but I wanted dessert — every day.

The moment I cut out sugar from my diet, my dessert consumption doubled. Why? Because the moment I started making desserts that were healthy, the guilt factor disappeared. Having dessert three times a day was suddenly not something to feel bad about. Now, I eat dessert after every meal, and the desserts I eat are made with ingredients that will benefit my body.

Other people also liked the concept, and some of my friends, family members, and colleagues have all joined The Dessert Diet Club since.