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5 Tips on How To Eat Dessert Every Day and Be Healthy

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One of the rules I live by is that I eat a healthy dessert (or more) every day. Why? Because life simply is too short and I love dessert! But I love health too. Many people think that they need to give up dessert completely in order to be healthy, but I am a firm believer that if you choose your desserts wisely, you can become healthy and achieve any goal, such as fat loss, muscle gain, longevity, etc. 

There are a few guidelines that I suggest you follow, however, which are:

  1. Pick sugar-free or low-sugar options
  2. Avoid inflammatory ingredients, such as gluten, trans fats, grains, soy, and for some people, dairy. 
  3. Find healthy, but sweet snacks and treats, whether keto, paleo, plant-based, autoimmune paleo, etc. You are bound to find some options at health food stores, online, and even at your local supermarket, depending on where you live. 
  4. Reduce your meal frequency. If you only eat two or three times a day, instead of five or six, then there are fewer opportunities in a day to overeat, plus you get to have bigger meals. So instead of two or three meals and two snacks, why not cut out the snacks and have healthy desserts with your main meals? 
  5. Learn how to bake. Knowing how to make your own healthy desserts can be a great superpower. There are quite a few healthy dessert recipes you might love in The Dessert Diet Club. 

This is just a short guide on how you can eat dessert every day and improve your health. If you used to think you needed to follow a boring diet to be healthy, I hope I managed to pursuade you to start experimenting with a more indulgent healthy diet. 

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